New Construction

The following is the water plan approval and construction process for all subdivision plans through Sahuarita Water Company.

1. Builder contacts Sahuarita Water Company (SWC) and obtains copy of “Pre-Construction Checklist” and “Water Plan Approval & Construction Process”. 

2. Builder’s Engineer submits TOS-approved plat to SWC’s Engineers. SWC’s Engineers reviews tentative plat for general conformance with water company looping, alignment, and easement. 

3. SWC’s Engineers provides general plan requirements and specifications, system information, and General Note and Detail Sheet to Builder’s Engineer. 

4. Subdivision water plans (also referred to as On-Site Facilities) are designed by the Builder’s Engineer.(Water improvement plans for small water line extensions can be designed by SWC’s Engineer, if desired. All costs and fees of said design are the responsibility of the Builder.)

5. Builder’s Engineer submits for review and comment:
a. Two sets of proposed water plans and a copy of sealed hydraulic analysis for proposed water plans to SWC’s engineer – Westland Resources.
b. One set of proposed water plans to SWC.
c. Proposed water plans to Town of Sahuarita Public Works Department for location within the Right-of-Way (Contact 648-1972)
d. Proposed water plans to Town of Sahuarita Fire Marshal for fire hydrant location (Contact 648-1972)

6. SWC’s Engineer review plans in consultation with SWC, returns proposed plans with comments and instructions to Builder’s Engineer.
a. If water plan comments were not extensive and did not require substantive revisions, Builder’s Engineer proceeds to final draft for approvals.
b. If comments are extensive, SWC’s Engineer instructs Builder’s Engineer to prepare a re-submittal for review and comment. Re-submittal includes two new sets of plans plus redlines from previous submittal(s).

7. Upon receipt of all plan comments and instructions, Builder’s Engineer revises proposed Water Plans and submits final plans for approval.
a. Design plans submitted by Builder’s Engineer to Town of Sahuarita Public Works Department for acceptance.
b. Design plans submitted by Builder’s Engineer to SWC’s Engineer for SWC President’s written acceptance.
c. Builder’s Engineer submits Design Plan originals for signature and return by local fire authority.
d. Builder’s Engineer submits fire-marshal approved Design Plan originals for signature and return by Town of Sahuarita.
e. Builder’s Engineer submits TOS-approved Design Plan originals for final approval and signature by Bob Sharpe.

8. Builder’s Engineer submits SWC-approved plan originals to Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) for approval. Builder’s Engineer to notify SWC’s Engineer in writing of submittal. 

9. Builder’s Engineer provides the following copies of approved water plans to SWC’s Engineers:
a. Two set of bluelines – for Westland
b. One set of mylars – for Westland
c. Two sets of 11” x 17” bond copy – for Westland and SWC
d. Electronic version, acceptable to SWC’s Engineer, of base drawing including ROWs, lot lines, and water mains for use in updating water system base maps.

10. PDEQ approves and issues “Approval to Construct” to Builder’s Engineer. If not sent directly by PDEQ, Builder’s Engineer submits copy of Approval To Construct to SWC via SWC’s Engineer.

11. Builder bids project out to Contractor. Contractor selected by Builder must be a registered contractor in the State of Arizona for the type of construction to be built. Current licenses to be provided to SWC upon request.

12. Line extension agreement (LEA) to be executed between SWC and Builder. SWC must be in receipt of the following documents before an LEA can be executed:
a. Water plans approved by Town of Sahuarita, Town Fire Marshal and SWC.
b. PDEQ Certificate of Approval To Construct
c. Count and size of meters specified in water plans
d. A detailed, written contractor’s estimate for the cost of the water system.
e. Location map with legal description (if available) and any pre-recorded easements.
f. Location map of phases (if any) of the development which is the subject of this agreement.

13. Once the LEA has been signed and executed, Builder’s Contractor to provide SWC via SWC’s Engineer five working days to schedule a pre-construction meeting.

14. Pre-construction meeting held with SWC’s Engineer, SWC and Contractor to discuss project schedule, coordination, PDEQ and SWC inspection requirements. Copies of all necessary R-O-W permits, Private Improvement Agreements, AZPDES permits and any other similar documentation required to be submitted by the Contractor to SWC, if not previously submitted.

15. Contractor contacts SWC Customer Service to obtain hydrant assignment.
a. Contractor provides refundable deposit for meter.
b. Contractor provides backflow prevention assembly (BPA) with written evidence of satisfactory BPA testing conducted within the previous twelve months.
c. SWC-approved installation prior to Contractor taking water.

16. Contractor provides 48 hour notice to PDEQ and SWC (via SWC’s Engineer) to begin construction of On-Site Facilities.

17. Contractor starts construction of On-Site Facilities per properly executed and approved Water plans.
a. Contractor shall neither connect nor allow another to connect On-Site Facilities to the existing SWC water system without the prior approval of SWC. Prior to RSCW’s receipt of a complete round of satisfactory total coliform test results from final construction inspection and testing, SWC shall only allo connection(s) from existing water system to On-Site Facilities through a tested and approved reduced pressure BPA installation(s).
b. Contractor shall construct On-Site Facilities according to SWC and PDEQ approved water plans only. Contractor shall notify and obtain approval from SWC’s Engineer prior to deviating from approved plans.

18. When construction is complete, water hydrant meter is turned off, retrieved and inspected for damage by SWC.

19. Upon payment of final hydrant bill, meter deposit is returned by SWC to Contractor less any costs to repair damage.

20. Contractor submits all required material certification to SWC’s Engineer.

21. SWC’s Engineer records drawings, prepares and stamps an “Engineer’s Certificate of Completion (ECC) and Application for Approval of Construction to PDEQ.

22. PDEQ issues an Approval of Construction.

23. SWC issues conditional acceptance.

24. Ownership of On-Site Facilities conveyed, without any liens, in a form specified by SWC, by Builder to SWC.

25. Builder provides SWC with copies of all “invoices for all engineering and other services, materials installed, construction performed, equipment provided, materials purchased and all else done directly in connection with construction”.

26. SWC’s Engineers inspect on-site facilities and issue a punch list, if required.

27. Contractor corrects punch list and notifies SWC’s Engineer.

28. Upon inspection, SWC’s Engineer provides SWC with statement of full completion.

29. SWC’s Engineer issues final acceptance of on-site facilities and begins one year warranty period. Builder agrees that it will, for a period of one year following completion of the on-site facilities, promptly correct all defects and deficiencies in construction, materials and workmanship upon request of SWC made subsequent to inspections by SWC’s engineer.