About Us

Sahuarita Water is a private water company who has been providing water  service to residents of Rancho Sahuarita and Rancho Resort since 2000. Current service extends to over 14,000 residents living in about 5,000 homes. SWC also provides water to the new Marketplace, SUSD and Town of Sahuarita Municipal Complex.

The source of SWC water is groundwater drawn from the aquifer system below the development. The water system consists of production wells, reservoirs, boosters and other equipment necessary to store and distribute water. SWC holds a 100-year Designation of Assured Water Supply with the Arizona Department of Water Resources and complies with all the rules pertaining to groundwater pumping.

SWC maintains a computerized monitoring system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the system operates safely and efficiently at all times.

SWC complies with all sampling requirements set in the Federal Clean Water Act. SWC also complies with all Arizona Department of Environmental Quality monitoring requirements for drinking water systems. The results of all compliance testing are reported in the annual Consumer Confidence Report mailed to each customer in July of each year and are also available for viewing online by simply clicking here.

SWC meets or exceeds all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations, including those set forth by the Arizona Corporation Commission, ADEQ, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality and the US EPA.