Providing you with high quality drinking water is not just our job, it is our life. But it does not happen by accident. Our team of highly skilled operators work hard to provide you with clean, safe drinking water and dependable service.

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Water is crucial for continued prosperity in our Southern Arizona Communities, but it is a limited resource that must be used responsibly. The challenge facing our residents is to sensibly use our most precious renewable natural resource.

Summer/Fall Conservation Tips

Winter/Spring Conservation Tips

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**Please Note:  Our annual Water Quality Report for 2017 is available electronically at You may request a paper copy by calling our office at 520-399-1105.The data presented in this report is intended to provide you with accurate and understandable information on the quality of the water delivered by Sahuarita Water Company and to characterize the risks, if any, from exposure to contaminants detected in your drinking water.